Working with data reimagined

Easy as a spreadsheet, with the power of a full data stack. Any source, direct access, full freedom to work with your data.

All-in-one data platform

Zero setup, zero maintenance, it's magic


Direct access to any data

Connect to any source in a few clicks and start exploring your data.

From databases to data warehouses and even SaaS business applications.


Easy as a spreadsheet

Work with real-time data in a spreadsheet, add your own columns, edit the data and use formulas.


Make it yours

Make changes to the data as much as you like, in your virtual copy. Always up to date, no risks.

You can rollback all your changes at any point in time.


Calculate anything

Need to add logic to your data ? Change the formatting of dates ? Calculate a value ? It’s as easy as adding a formula.


Magical joins to combine all your data

Mix your data and combine anything with anything.

Need to see customer data from Salesforce, combined with sales data from Snowflake ? No problem !


Build data apps in minutes

Build charts and dashboards to visualize your data in a few clicks.

Turn dashboards into interactive data apps using a few lines of code. Build custom front-ends powered by data from any source.

Stop the one-time data dumps !

No more CSV exports that are immediately outdated

Without Peliqan

With Peliqan

What our customers are saying

Peliqan is easy as Excel, direct access to all of our data, and always up to date.
It allows us to do in-depth analysis without the skills of a data engineer.
Jochen B
CEO Skindr

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