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Combine SQL, low-code Python and AI. Build data apps, APIs and data syncs in minutes. Built-in data warehouse or bring your own. One-click ETL from any source.

Peliqan is an all-in-one data platform
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5 star rating

“ETL pipelines up and running in minutes”

Best in class companies rely on Peliqan to be data-driven
JIMS Fitness
Yuso is a Peliqan customer
Heylog is a Peliqan customer
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CIC Hospitality is a Peliqan customer
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Data Activation

What is data activation ?

Data activation is all the things you can do besides traditional BI, to make your business more data-driven, automate data-related processes and increase productivity.

Human data interactions

Bring the right data to the right person at the right time. Passive BI dashboards are insufficient to make teams data-driven. Setup alerts in Slack & MS Teams. Distribute personalized reports using PDF and Excel. Provide forms and interfaces for easy data entry or data access. And setup a Chatbot (LLM) based on your company data.

Peliqan Excel add-in to work with your data in real-time
Low-code Python to use SaaS APIs

Automations & integrations

Set up data-centric automations and integrations to avoid human repetitive work and break down data silos. Publish Data APIs to exchange data with partners, handle file import & export at scale. Sync data between business applications.

Customer success stories


Globis SaaS ERP activates customer data to predict container arrivals using machine learning.


Skindr gets deep advertising insights from its agency and implements RevOps using Peliqan.

CIC Hospitality is a Peliqan customer

CIC Hospitality activated its data and now saves 30+ hours per month by fully automating board reports. Their hotel data is combined and unified from 50+ sources.


Heylog integrates with TMS systems (Transport Management Systems) with real-time 2-way data sync. Heylog activates transport data using APIs, events and MQTT.

No data warehouse yet or missing data ?


ETL to built-in data warehouse

Sync from 100+ SaaS apps, files and databases. Built-in data warehouse or bring your own.


SQL & low-code Python

View, combine and transform data in a spreadsheet, using SQL or low-code Python. Connect any BI tool.


Reporting, alerting, reverse ETL...

Set up data syncs, reverse ETL, export data, publish data APIs, run ML models, build an in-house LLM chatbot.

Connect to any SaaS
See all your data in a spreadsheet
Use low-code Python to work with your data

Security, compliance, trust, reliability & privacy

Security, compliance with international standards (ISO 27001, SOC II type 2) and trust are our highest priorities. We invest heavily in maintaining the highest platform reliability and we host within the EU for GDPR compliance by our customers.