Magical platform to build and activate your data warehouse

Instantly connect your apps and databases, use any BI tool. Combine magical SQL and low-code Python to integrate, automate and activate your data.

Best in class companies rely on Peliqan to be data-driven

Solid Media is a Peliqan customer
Yuso is a Peliqan customer
CIC Hospitality is a Peliqan customer
Heylog is a Peliqan customer
Globis is a Peliqan customer
Skindr is a Peliqan customer
Globis is a Peliqan customer
Skindr is a Peliqan customer

Globis SaaS ERP activates customer data to predict container arrivals using machine learning.

Skindr gets deep advertising insights from its agency and implements RevOps using Peliqan.


CIC Hospitality is a Peliqan customer

Case Study

CIC Hospitality activated its data and now saves 30+ hours/month by fully automating board reports. Data is combined and unified from 50+ sources.

1. Connect

Instantly connect your apps and centralize your data in the built-in data warehouse or bring your own.

2. Explore & Combine

View, combine and transform data in a spreadsheet or use magical SQL. Connect any BI tool.

3. Activate

Use low-code Python to sync data between apps (reverse ETL), automate, publish APIs and use ML.

Connect to any SaaS
See all your data in a spreadsheet
Use low-code Python to work with your data

Instantly Connect

Exporting CSV files and dealing with outdated data a hassle? Peliqan offers a simple, secure way to connect databases, data warehouses, and business apps — no data engineer needed.

With just a few clicks, you can start exploring your data and gain valuable insights into your business. Say goodbye to manual exports and embrace the convenience of instant connections.

Peliqan centralizes your data in Snowflake, Google BigQuery or Peliqan’s built-in data warehouse.

Connect to any SaaS
Use SQL on all your SaaS data

Spreadsheet UI and magical SQL

Explore data in a rich spreadsheet UI. Use Magical SQL to combine and transform data. SQL queries become new tables that can be shared with business users and used in any BI tool.

Use Peliqan’s built-in distributed query engine to combine data between sources, e.g. write JOIN queries between tables in the Peliqan DW and external databases.

Data Visualization

Create data apps in minutes. Transform your business with charts, dashboards, and interactive apps. Real-time data updates ensure your team has the latest information.

Use Peliqan charts or your preferred BI tool (Power BI, Tableau, etc.) or sync with Google Sheets for easy data analysis from any source.

Build Charts from your SaaS data, databases and data warehouse
Map fields from a source to a destination (ETL)

Data sync & export

Send your cleaned and unified data back to your business apps. Easily activate an export or set up a data sync (reverse ETL).

You can implement 1-way data syncs and even 2-way syncs between multiple business applications.

Low-code Python for developers

Developers can write, test, execute and schedule low-code Python scripts to work with their data. Implement reverse ETL with 3 lines of code. Run ML models, build interactive UIs, publish APIs.

Use low-code Python to work with your data
Peliqan Excel add-in to work with your data in real-time

Excel add-in for business users

CFOs, CEOs and other business users can work with Peliqan data in Excel thanks to the Peliqan Excel add-in.

Easily switch between data sources and work with your data in real-time in Excel.

Let AI do the work for you

Peliqan’s AI assistant helps you to write SQL queries to get to insights fast. Ask your question in plain English and immediately see the result in Peliqan’s rich spreadsheet viewer.

We’re even adding AI assisted coding to our low-code Python editor!

Peliqan Ask AI willl write your SQL queries from plain English
Publish API endpoints

Easily exchange data with partners, customers and prospects

Publish API endpoints and link them to your code. Publish data products, share data and expose ML models through API endpoints.

Consume incoming webhooks from any source. Incoming webhook events are queued in a table and can easily be queried or processed in your Python code.

Deploy best of class tools with one click

Choose best of class tools in Peliqan’s market place and deploy them with a single click. Start using tools such as Metabase, Jupyter notebooks, Apache Airflow and Apache Superset within your Peliqan environment. market place, one-click install Metabase, Airflow etc.

SaaS Data Cockpit

Access, combine, and report on data from all your SaaS apps instantly.

Gain valuable insights by bringing all your business data together in one place within minutes.

See all your data in spreadsheet

All-in-one data platform for

Stop doing one-time data dumps

Without Peliqan

With Peliqan

Security, compliance, trust, reliability & privacy

Security, compliance with international standards (ISO 27001, SOC II type 2) and trust are our highest priorities. We invest heavily in maintaining the highest platform reliability and we host within the EU for GDPR compliance by our customers.