Build and activate your data warehouse

Instantly connect your apps and databases, use your favourite BI tool, and sync data back into your apps.

How it works

Don’t let endless manual data exports hinder your ability to perform critical tasks for your business. Set up your data warehouse in minutes and activate your company data.


Instantly connect your databases and apps and centralize all your data.

Explore & Combine

View, combine, and transform your data in a spreadsheet or use SQL.


Send data to your favourite BI tool, sync data between apps, automate and use ML.

Instantly Connect

Exporting CSV files and dealing with outdated data a hassle? Peliqan offers a simple, secure way to connect databases, data warehouses, and business apps — no data engineer needed.

With just a few clicks, you can start exploring your data and gain valuable insights into your business. Say goodbye to manual exports and embrace the convenience of instant connections.

Peliqan centralizes your data in Snowflake, Google BigQuery or Peliqan’s built-in data warehouse.

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Explore & Combine

With up-to-date virtual data copies, work safely without altering sources. Add columns, edit data, apply formulas, change formatting, and roll back changes like in a spreadsheet. Peliqan’s magic joins enable seamless data mixing from multiple sources.

Power users can write SQL queries on anything, creating virtual tables that can be easily shared with others, such as selecting data from a CRM and joining it with a database. 

Data Visualization

Create data apps in minutes. Transform your business with charts, dashboards, and interactive apps. Real-time data updates ensure your team has the latest information.

Use Peliqan charts or your preferred BI tool (Power BI, Tableau, etc.) or sync with Google Sheets for easy data analysis from any source.

Data sync & export

Send your cleaned and unified data back to your business apps.

Easily activate an export or set up a data sync (reverse ETL).

SaaS Data Cockpit

Access, combine, and report on data from all your SaaS apps instantly.

Gain valuable insights by bringing all your business data together in one place within minutes.

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Stop doing one-time data dumps

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Some of our happy customers

Peliqan is easy as Excel, direct access to all of our data, and always up to date.
It allows us to do in-depth analysis without the skills of a data engineer.
Jochen B
CEO Skindr

Case Study

CIC Hospitality saves 30+ hours/month by fully automating board reports.
Data is combined and unified from 45 sources.