White-label data warehouse
for SaaS companies

Offer your customers an out-of-the-box data warehouse and instantly grow your revenue.

White-label data warehouse

What is a white-label data warehouse ?

A data warehouse is a database, optimized for analytics (BI). A white-label data warehouse is a solution that you can upsell to your customers. It allows them to perform their own analysis with the data in your SaaS platform.

Why should I offer a DW to my customers?

Stop abuse of your API

Are your customers using your SaaS API to export all of their data ? It’s inefficient and drains resources on your servers. Offer your customers a data warehouse instead.

Stop building more embedded dashboards

Building dashboards in your SaaS product is fine, but you can only do so much. Your customers will keep asking for new dashboards and insights.

Increase customer loyalty

Make it easy for your customers to perform the analysis they need, without any effort from your services & dev team. This valuable add-on to your SaaS offering will dramatically increase stickiness. Happy customers are loyal customers.

Generate more revenue, upsell 20% more MRR

Your large accounts will heavily benefit from a ready-to-use data warehouse. SaaS companies such as CRM systems charge anything between $500 and $3000 per month per customer for this add-on !

Manage multiple customers from a central dashboard

How does it work ?

You only need to do a one-time setup in Peliqan, including setting up a secure connection to your internal database or API, and mapping the data. Next you can activate a data warehouse on a per-customer basis. This process can also be automated. The initial setup can be done in less than one day and the Peliqan integration team has you covered in every step.


Use SQL on all your SaaS data

Easily map your data to a star schema

You can choose how you present the data from your SaaS platform into the data warehouse. A common practise is the offer your data in a star schema, which is optimized for analytics. The Peliqan services team can perform this mapping for you.

Your customers can use their favourite BI tool

Your customers can use Microsoft Power BI or any other BI tool to start building their own dashboards and reports. The data is kept up-to-date automatically.

Microsoft Power BI screenshot
Low-code Python to use SaaS APIs

Build on top of your data warehouse

Peliqan allows you to implement bespoke solutions on top of the data warehouse, using a combination of SQL and low-code Python. Implement data imports, publish API endpoints and set up data syncs, all in one platform.

Frequently asked questions

Can my customers easily export all of their data ?

The data in the data warehouse is typically structured as a star schema, this means it is not suitable to export all data in order to migrate to a competing SaaS product.

How much time will I spend per customer ?

The initial setup is done in one day, and after that you can enable a data warehouse per end customer in a few minutes. This can be done manually or it can be automated, including sending out an email to your customer with credentials and more info.

What type of SaaS company benefits from this offering ?

A white-label data warehouse is typically offered by B2B SaaS companies that hold valuable data in their system, e.g. CRM, ERP and Accounting software. A DW provides most benefit to your large accounts and is a great and often easy upsell.

What if my customers already have a data warehouse ?

Peliqan also allows you to pipe the data into an existing data warehouse from your customer.

Can I allow my customers to combine my data with other sources ?

Yes, you can enable your customers to add more sources and provide analytics templates that e.g. combine your SaaS data with popular platforms such as Salesforce, Dynamics and others.

Why Peliqan ?

Our team consists of SaaS veterans, with a deep understanding of both the data world and the SaaS world. We are specifically specialised in providing white-label / OEM solutions. Not only from a technical perspective (embedding, integration), but also the pricing model, the operations and the support that will help you to quickly grow your revenue.

Offer your customers a DW now

Stop abuse of your API, enable true BI for your customers, grow revenue!