Professional services

Peliqan helps you in every step of your data journey. Our Professional Services team provides data engineers, data consultants and business analysts on demand.

Data Consultants as a Service

Peliqan provides data consultants, engineers and analysts on demand to get your data journey started smoothly.

Our team takes care of…

Affordable service packages to get a head start !


Efficient head start of your data journey. 20 hours of tailored consultancy:

$2100 / €2000


Establish your end-to-end data infrastructure. 60 hours of consultancy:

$5500 / €5000


Let us implement any data use case. Custom package of tailored consultancy:


Data literacy training

Need to get your team up to speed on using data, in order to become truly data driven ? Join Peliqan for online practical training sessions.

Each module is 2 hours and costs $440 / €400 for up to 5 participants. Available modules:

Ready to get instant access to your company data ?

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