Peliqan feature list

Peliqan is an all-in data platform that provides a full modern data stack in one integrated platform.

Use cases BI and data activation

Add source connections with a few clicks, and the ETL pipeline is automatically created to sync the data into the built-in data warehouse or your own DWH.

Source connections include SaaS connectors, database connectors, data warehouse connectors and data lake connectors.

Peliqan provides a wide range of SaaS connectors. Connect your SaaS business applications and the ETL pipeline is automatically set up to sync data into your data warehouse.

New connectors are added in 48 hours on demand. For a full list of connectors, visit our connectors page.

Peliqan connects to a wide range of SQL and no-SQL databases such as MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, MongoDB and other databases on request.

Peliqan connects to Snowflake, Azure SQL Server, Snowflake, AWS Redshift and Google BigQuery. Other data warehouses on request.

Peliqan comes with a built-in scalable data warehouse based on Postgres.

You can also connect your existing data warehouse as an ETL target (Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Azure SQL Server).

Peliqan can connect to your on premise data sources through a secure VPN tunnel or using the Peliqan on-prem agent.

Peliqan provides an innovative user interface for data engineers and business teams to work with their company data in a spreadsheet-like environment.

The Peliqan federated query engine Trino enables “SQL on anything”, including the ability to join data from different sources.

Peliqan automatically discovers the schema of each connected source including table structures, metadata, relations etc.

Implement data transformations using the magical SQL editor, with ephemeral queries and/or materialized queries.

Peliqan has a built-in rich SQL editor to combine data from all your sources. Run your queries on the built-in DWH, your own DWH or use the Peliqan federated query engine (Trino).

Peliqan has a built-in Python IDE and runtime with support for low-code data-centric scripts. Build data apps with Streamlit, Pandas and a wide range of other Python modules.

Materialize any table or query in Peliqan’s built-in data warehouse or your own DW.

Peliqan’s low code Python scripting environment provides single line writeback to SaaS applications, and allows to implement Reverse ETL with a few lines of code.

Implement custom ETL source connectors and custom ETL pipelines with Peliqan’s low-code Python scripts.

Peliqan visualizes data lineage in order to understand provenance of data, data dependencies and impact of making changes to existing queries.

Peliqan allows you to catalog data assets by adding metadata such as table and column descriptions, tags, owners etc.

Implement data quality checks and scheduled monitoring on datasets using low-code scripts. Send out alerts to e.g. Slack to keep teams informed.

Implement data masking to mask sensitive data such as PII using low-code Python scripts.

Deploy best of breed data tools with one click from the Peliqan market place. Tools are automatically deployed and hosted on Peliqan.

Peliqan is the only data platform that can be white-labeled for your business (e.g. for consultancy companies) and embedded (e.g. into SaaS platforms).

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