Become an implementation partner

Become a partner today, and add data services to your portfolio. Whether you are a consultancy company, a services company or an implementation company, is the data platform you can rely on to help your customers become data driven, without the need to hire a data engineer!

Help your customers become data driven

Any business needs to be data-driven these days. As a trusted partner, you are ideally positioned to help your customers with their data needs.

Perhaps you are providing consultancy, advice or you build apps or solutions using low-code or no-code platforms ? is the all-in-one data platform with a strong focus on the data handling. comes with a spreadsheet-based interface that is easy to understand and has the power of a full data stack.

For example, you can combine data from different sources, and easily do the required data transformations beforehand to make this happen. Combining data is the key to new insights.

Use SQL on all your SaaS data

Whitepaper on low-code services

Download our white paper on the different low-code / no-code consultancy opportunities that your company can benefit from. Discover how data services can be added to your portfolio without the need to hire a dedicated data engineering team.

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