Peliqan vs. Snowflake

This comparison aims to explain the difference between a solution which is part of a modern data stack, versus an all-in-one data platform such as which allows you to setup a data warehouse in 10 minutes.

Wide range of connectors for SaaS, files and databases
New connector service
New connectors built in 5 business days
Data warehouse
Built-in or use your own (Snowflake, BigQuery...)
Combine SQL and low-code Python.
Reverse ETL
Sync data into business applications.
Data activation
Custom reporting using Excel, publish data APIs, build LLM chatbots, automations.
iPaaS automations
Implement automations for data sync, app integrations.
Market place
Deploy Airflow, Metabase, and a wide range of other solutions with one click.
White-label & multi-customer management
Manage data projects for end-customers at scale.
In transit and at rest
Customer support & onboarding
Personalized onboarding, training and support

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