Data onboarding for SaaS companies

Handle data onboarding with ease, import any data into your SaaS platform 

Data onboarding

What is data onboarding ?

As part of your new customer onboarding process, you often have to help your customers migrate data from another platform into your SaaS platform. Peliqan is a low-code data platform, that allow your Customer Success team to handle data onboarding projects at scale, using a template-based approach.

How it works

Connect source data

Connect the source data from the customer, such as CSV files, Excel files or an API. Files can be imported from SFTP, cloud storage (OneDrive, Sharepoint, Google Drive) or any other source.

Choose import template

Build up a set of templates to avoid reinventing the wheel. Choose from a template and customize it for one customer if needed. The template defines standard transformations (e.g. date formats) and field mappings.

Map custom fields

If the customer has custom objects or custom fields, add them to the field mapping of the template.

Run import & verify

Run the import, verify the result in a rich spreadsheet UI. Update the import logic if needed and rerun until all records have been processed correctly.

Manage multiple customers from a central dashboard

Handle customers at scale

Peliqan is a multi-tier platform for SaaS companies. This means that each end-customer is fully isolated, while your Customer Success and Professional Services team can handle their accounts at scale.

Completed onboarding projects can be archived and revisited when needed.

Data onboarding flow

Work from a template, customize if needed

Build up a library of templates with predefined data import logic. Use a combination of no-code flows, SQL and optional low-code Python to convert any data type, including parent-child relationships, complex JSON structures, custom objects etc.

You can even schedule flows for ongoing data imports from a given source (API, CSV on SFTP, Excel files…).

Frequently asked questions

Can my partners also handle end-customers ?

Yes, Peliqan is a multi-tier environment, it is possible to configure a tier for partners, so that they can handle their assigned end-customers.

How much time will I spend per customer ?

Once a few templates have been created, data onboarding can be done in a couple of hours, of course depending on the complexity of the data. Larger projects might be completed in a few days, e.g. with trial runs on a test environment, prior to a production migration.

What type of SaaS company benefits from this offering ?

Data onboarding services are typically offered by B2B SaaS companies, e.g. CRM, ERP and Accounting platforms.

Why Peliqan ?

Our team consists of SaaS veterans, with a deep understanding of both the data world and the SaaS world. We are specifically specialised in providing white-label / OEM solutions. Not only from a technical perspective (embedding, integration), but also the pricing model, the operations and the support, that will help you to quickly grow your revenue.

Speed up data onboarding x10

Easily import customer data into your SaaS platform, enable your Customer Success team