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Effortlessly connect & manage all your business data in one place

Effortlessly connect to any data source in just a few clicks and dive into the world of data exploration.

Peliqan simplifies your journey by providing real-time and streamlined access to any data source. Say goodbye to the days of manual CSV data exports and endless hours of data wrangling.

Instant Data Warehouse for all your SaaS apps

Access a consolidated view of your business applications’ data effortlessly. Experience Peliqan’s magic joins, blending data from multiple sources for unique combinations. Transform data on-the-fly for analysis. Seamlessly wrangle, prepare, deduplicate, clean, and unify your data with Peliqan. Instantly transform your data warehouse into a comprehensive hub for SaaS apps.

Write SQL queries on your SaaS data

Effortlessly transform data with formulas or SQL queries. For instance, convert date formats or calculate metrics. Power users can utilize SQL queries to merge data from multiple SaaS apps. Join data from multiple SaaS apps and easily share the results with others.

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For Revenue Operations

In Revenue Operations (RevOps), a customer 360° view merges all customer data from various sources to obtain a holistic understanding. This includes sales, interactions, and support details. Creating this view requires extracting and consolidating data, which can be complex due to different customer names or duplicate entries.
Peliqan RevOps Customer 360


For Financial Operations

In FinOps, missing out on revenue in invoicing is a common challenge, especially with complex transactions requiring data adjustments before generating invoices. Reconciliation is the initial step to solve this issue, comparing invoice data with transactional data. Traditionally, many CFOs or financial teams would manually perform this task in Excel. However, with Peliqan, you no longer have to go through that hassle!


For Data Operations

Unleash your data’s potential with Peliqan’s DataOps capabilities. Seamlessly integrate and prepare data from any BI or data tool. Craft captivating dashboards in your preferred BI tool or within Peliqan’s immersive platform. Connect to popular BI tools like Microsoft Power BI, Metabase, and more. Effortlessly sync data for collaboration with Google Sheets.

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