Data use cases

Peliqan reimagines how you work with data. From visualization to data activation, Peliqan has you covered.

Use cases BI and data activation

Ad hoc analysis

Peliqan is an end-to-end data platform that provides instant real-time access to data (databases, DWs, SaaS applications) with the ability to transform and analyse the data, share data views and perform data deep dives in an intuitive spreadsheet interface.

Self-service data access

Data engineers can enable business teams to access, transform and combine the data they need. CDOs can now offload data questions to the business teams and empower them to find answers.

Spreadsheet BI

Peliqan avoids the need to do data exports and CSV imports in Excel or Google Sheet. Instead teams can work in an online spreadsheet that remains up to date with the source.

Data verification

Create views for “human in the loop” processes. Enable easy verification of data, e.g. as part of an automation workflow.


Replace complex user interfaces with a targeted UI for knowledge workers to efficiently access data from business applications (ERP, CRM, finance etc.).


Build BI dashboards in minutes, and combine all your business data in a single overview. Share dashboards with team members and embed dashboards anywhere.


Reconcile your accounting data, product data, customer data or any other data set. Easily combine data sets to compare and detect errors.

Machine learning

Apply machine learning models on your data for predications, classifications, anomaly detection etc. with the low-code built-in Python IDE.

Reverse ETL

Implement reverse ETL flows and writebacks to send data to any SaaS business application or database and keep them in sync.

Data labeling

Peliqan can be used to efficiently label data as preparation for machine learning processing.

Data blending

Peliqan is the only tool that allows business users to combine (join) data from multiple sources in an intuitive manner.

Data wrangling

Peliqan provides the perfect UI to prep data for visualisation and to perform data wrangling with visual transformations.

Low-code data apps

Build internal apps using low-code Python to make datasets interactive, and even write back selected data updates to a source.

Custom data UIs

Replace complex user interfaces with a targeted UI for knowledge workers to efficiently access data from business applications (ERP, CRM, finance etc.).

Direct data access

Peliqan provides instant and real-time access to any source, including databases, data warehouses and even SaaS business applications, without the need to set up ETL/ELT pipelines.


Pull in source data, transform data, do manual quality checks, build destination data models and push data to a destination database or SaaS application.

All-in-one data stack

Need to enable various data teams and/or business teams ? No need to deploy an entire data stack from scratch. Empower your teams directly in Peliqan.

Instant data warehouse

Peliqan comes with a built-in data warehouse. Connect your sources, and instantly load your data into a data warehouse.

SQL on anything

Write SQL queries to view, join and transform data from any source including SaaS business applications.

Data modeling

Model your data and convert raw datasets into golden datasets that can be consumed by business teams. Implement immutable data models.

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