Snowflake data warehouse

Snowflake reporting

Activate your Snowflake data for business users, generate reports in Excel, Google Sheets and PDF.

Build reports in Excel, Google Sheets and PDF

Excel and Google Sheets are a great way to provide selected data from Snowflake to business teams, allowing users to perform the analysis they need in the tool they know best.

Sync data into spreadsheets or PDF at scale and build comprehensive reports.

You can even sync data entry back from Excel and Google sheets into Snowflake. 

Quickly build & distribute reports in Excel, Google Sheets and PDF


Snowflake reporting

Sync data into Excel & Google Sheets and back

Start syncing data from Snowflake into spreadsheets and PDF in minutes with scheduled updates. You can even sync data back from Excel and Google Sheets into Snowflake.


Write SQL queries to prepare the data for reporting in Excel, Google Sheets and PDF. Easily filter data for personalized reports based on department, role etc.

Low code Python

Apply any custom logic using simple scripts. Interact with your reports using easy single line Python functions.


Share reports at scale

Sharepoint, OneDrive and Google Drive

Your reports can be shared through OneDrive, Sharepoint Google Drive, shared links etc.

Email distribution

Send out emails at scale to inform recipients of new reports, using shared links in the email or by attaching an Excel export or PDF export of the report.

Slack & MS Teams alerting

Send out messages using Slack and MS Teams to individuals or teams to announce new reports.

How does it work ?

Connect Excel 365 or Google Sheets with a few clicks, and start syncing data from Snowflake into spreadsheets. Or generate PDF reports based on your Snowflake data.

Choose how to distribute your reports, inform users using email, Slack, Teams etc.

Allow data entry in Excel and Google Sheets, for example setting sales targets based on the actuals in the report, and write back these targets into Snowflake.

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Google Sheets report
Use SQL on all your SaaS data

SQL to transform your reporting data

Write optional SQL queries to transform your data before writing to your reports, e.g. perform rollups to reduce millions of rows to a data volume suitable for Excel or Google Sheets.

Personalize reports at scale by filtering data based on department, region etc.

Low-code Python for custom logic

Activate data in Snowflake using a combination of SQL and low-code Python. Interact with Excel, Google Sheets and PDF documents with intuitive single line Python functions.

Peliqan script write to Google Sheets
Data Activation

What else can I do ?

Data activation is all the things you can do besides traditional BI, to make your business more data-driven, automate data-related processes and increase productivity.

Business alerting

Send out business alerts based on data changes in your data warehouse. Alert individuals and teams on Slack and MS Teams.

Reporting & distribution

Generate personalized reports in Excel, Google Sheets and PDF. Distribute reports by email, SFTP or cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint).

Data apps

Set up web-based forms and interfaces for data entry or for data access. Writeback updates into your database. Send real-time query results to the UI.

LLM Chatbots

Implement a Chatbot similar to ChatGPT (LLM) based on your internal company data and enable language-based data interaction.

File import & export

Handle files at scale, both for data import into your data warehouse, as well as exporting data and distribution of files.

Easily handle cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint), files on SFTP, and file attachments in emails. Work with any type of files: CSV, JSON, text files, Excel etc.

Publish Data APIs

Easily publish Data APIs with selected datasets, for data sharing with partners, customers and suppliers. Handle custom logic in API endpoints with low-code Python.

Convert a custom query in an API endpoint instantly. Serve data using REST and JSON or any other data format.

Data syncs

Sync data between business applications or between your data warehouse and business applications (Reverse ETL).

Use the 100+ Peliqan connectors for both reading data and writing to business applications, databases, files and other APIs.

Low code automations

Use low-code Python, combined with SQL, to implement any type of automation or integration. Writeback to business applications with easy function wrappers. Access data as data frames, use Streamlit for interactive UIs.

Code in your favourite IDE or in Peliqan directly. Schedule runs and view logs.

Start building reports now!

Combine SQL and low-code Python to build & distribute your reports fast !

No credit card required

Connect to any SaaS

Need more data in your reports ?

Don’t worry. Peliqan is an all-in-one data platform with 100+ connectors and instant ETL pipelines.

Every connector can instantly be used to sync new data into Snowflake or directly into your reports.