Total shipped order packages

SQL query for Starshipit

Get the total number of shipped order packages.

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM shipped_orderpackages

Starshipit data model

Table Unshipped Orders
Dtp: Boolean
Plt: Boolean
Type: String
Items: String
Status: String
Carrier: String
Archived: Boolean
Currency: String
Order_id: Integer
Packages: String
Platform: String
Metadatas: String
Reference: String
Order_date: Date-time
Carrier_name: String
Order_number: String
Add_insurance: Boolean
Create_return: Boolean
Declared_value: Number
Dangerous_goods: Boolean
Insurance_value: Number
Manifest_number: Integer
Destination_city: String
Destination_name: String
Destination_email: String
Destination_phone: String
Destination_state: String
Address_validation: String
Destination_street: String
Destination_suburb: String
Signature_required: Boolean
Destination_company: String
Destination_country: String
Carrier_service_code: String
Destination_building: String
Sender_details_email: String
Sender_details_phone: String
Destination_post_code: String
Sender_details_company: String
Sender_details_country: String
Destination_delivery_instructions: String

Table Unshipped Orderitems
Value: Number
Width: Number
Height: Number
Length: Number
Weight: Number
Item_id: Integer
Order_id: Integer
Quantity: Integer
Description: String
Tariff_code: String
Stock_on_hand: Integer
Quantity_to_ship: Integer
Country_of_origin: String

Table Unshipped Orderpackages
Name: String
Width: Number
Height: Number
Length: Number
Weight: Number
Order_id: Integer
Package_id: Integer
Packaging_type: String
Tracking_number: String

Table Shipped Orders

Table Shipped Orderitems

Table Shipped Orderpackages

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