Peliqan pricing

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All-in-one data platform
  • Max. 2 users
  • Max. 2 data connections
  • Max. 10 databases
  • Max. 100 tables
  • SaaS connectors
  • Database & DW connectors
  • Data warehouse built-in
  • Data app building


All-in-one data platform​
  • Max. 10 users
  • Max. 10 data connections
  • Max. 10 databases
  • Max. 1000 tables
  • SaaS connectors
  • Database & DW connectors
  • Data warehouse built-in
  • Data app building


For ISVs, SaaS, OEM
  • Up to 10 end-customers
  • Up to 40 data connections
  • Up to 40 databases
  • Up to 10.000 tables
  • SaaS connectors
  • Database & DW connectors
  • Data warehouse built-in
  • Data app building

Frequently asked questions

What is a data connection ?

Each database (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server etc.), each Data warehouse (Snowflake, Redshift etc.) as well as each SaaS business application (Salesforce, Jira, Hubspot etc.) that you connect is counted as one data connection towards your license limit.

What is a database ?

If you connect e.g. Snowflake and you enable 5 databases for access in Peliqan, that is counted as 5 databases towards your license limit. Each connected SaaS business application also counts as one database.

What is a table ?

All tables in all enabled databases in Peliqan are counted towards your license limit. For SaaS business applications, the number of tables depends on the type of application and on which object types are supported in Peliqan. For example for a CRM application, typical tables include Leads, Contacts, Companies, Products, Orders etc.

What is compute time ?

Each time you access data through Peliqan, a query is executed using the Peliqan federated query engine, which fetches the data in realtime from the connected sources. The time to execute those queries is aggregated and counts towards your monthly license limit. Note that individual queries will typically take a few seconds or less to execute. The execution time can be higher for large datasets (millions of rows or more) and for complex transformations and joins.

Does Peliqan store a copy of my data ?

No, the Peliqan federated query engine fetches data from database and data warehouse sources in real-time without storing a copy. For SaaS business applications, you can choose between 2 modes: real-time mode will fetch the data in real-time (the total amount of records retrieved is limited) and standard mode in which a copy of the SaaS data is stored in a built-in secured data warehouse in Peliqan.

Can I use Peliqan in combination with my BI tool ?

Yes, Peliqan can be used with any BI tool by materializing tables in Peliqan to a downstream database or data warehouse destination, from which the data can be loaded in your BI tool.

Does Peliqan work with big data ?

Yes, the Peliqan federated query engine can handle big data and join and aggregate millions of rows or more.

What happens when we exceed our license package ?

Peliqan will not charge for over-usage, but will contact you to discuss a license upgrade in case of continued usage that is substantially higher than your current license package.


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