Self-service data layer for PowerOffice Go

Do you often export CSV and import into Excel ? One-time exports are not a repeatable solution.
You need a real-time interactive data layer to explore, combine and share data.

Self-service data for business "Ops" teams

Whether you are in Revenue Ops, Marketing Ops, Finance Ops or any other “Ops” team, you need instant access to data to follow up on processes, to do ad hoc analysis, to calculate metrics and to build internal apps to share data with stakeholders.

Also Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Finance Managers need to be data driven to thrive.

Peliqan is the only platform that helps Business Ops Teams to do all of the above in a self-service manner without the need for direct ERP access.

No need to call the data engineering team, no complex ETL data pipelines !

Instant access to your Power Office data

Connect to one or multiple PowerOffice Go instances with a few clicks and start exploring your data. You only need to allow “read only” access and still your business users will be able to edit the data in their own private virtual copy.

Provide controlled access

Allow teams and business users to explore and edit PowerOffice data in a rich spreadsheet editor.

Users can work with virtual copies and add their own rows and columns with notes, new data and apply formulas similar to Excel or Google Sheets.

Why do you need Peliqan on top of PowerOffice ?

See your SaaS data in a grid view

Combine PowerOffice data with data from other sources

Peliqan allows you to easily combine data from PowerOffice Go with other sources, using the visual “Join editor”.

Power users can write SQL queries to combine data. Need to combine data without a joined key ? No problem, Peliqan’s Magical Joins allow you to apply fuzzy matching.

Combine data from PowerOffice Go with data from:

Visualise your data & make it interactive

Turn your data into charts and dashboards with a few clicks. Share dashboards with others, publish them and embed them into webpages or documents.

Build apps on top of PowerOffice

Developers can implement a wide range of use cases using low-code Python scripts.

Go beyond analytics, make your PowerOffice data interactive, perform writebacks and apply machine learning with just a few lines of code.

Enjoy direct unified data access from your code to your PowerOffice instances. Write, test, run all in one place.

Watch short demos on Peliqan as a data layer

Custom reports

Build custom reports with a low-code script, based on accounting data and distribute them as Excel files or PDF documents.

Writeback to ERP

Use low-code Python to write updates into your accounting software, for example update sales orders based on eCommerce transactions.

Analyze in your BI tool

Reconcile data, for example sales orders and transactions from payment gateways (Stripe, Paypal, Klarna etc). Next, visualize the results in Peliqan or your own BI tool.

Ad hoc analysis

Analyze your PowerOffice data with SQL or in a spreadsheet.

Self-service access

Enable business users with controlled self-service data access.

Data verification

Create views for “human in the loop” processes.


Build custom reports in HTML, PDF…

Low-code data apps

Build internal apps using low-code Python to make datasets interactive.

Data front-ends

Replace complex user interfaces with a targeted UI for knowledge workers.


Implement PowerOffice data migrations using SQL and low-code Python.

All-in-one data stack

Peliqan is an all-in-one data stack on top of PowerOffice.

Spreadsheet BI

Work with your PowerOffice data in a spreadsheet that is always up-to-date.


Create charts and visualize your PowerOffice data in dashboards.


Reconcile your accounting data, product data, customer data etc.

Machine learning

Apply machine learning models on your PowerOffice data with low-code python.

Reverse ETL

Implement reverse ETL flows and writebacks to send data to PowerOffice or any SaaS.

Direct data access

Get real-time access to your raw PowerOffice data.

Data warehouse

Get your PowerOffice data in a data warehouse instantly, with a few clicks.

SQL on anything

Use SQL on your raw PowerOffice data to view, share and transform data.

Ready to get instant access to all your PowerOffice Go data ?

Get the superpowers of a data engineer, start now !

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