Data platform for integrators

Empower your team with an all-in-one low-code data platform to handle customer data at scale. Implement data syncs between SaaS platforms, implement custom data imports for customers, build custom UIs and much more.

Whitelabel data warehouse with your own logo

White-label data warehouse for your customers

Offer your customers an out-of-the box experience to combine their SaaS data, databases and Excel files.

Help customers with data imports and data onboarding.

Implement data syncs between different SaaS solutions.

Manage multiple customers from a central dashboard

Empower your Professional Services team

Quickly switch context from one customer to another. Get instant access to data per customer and build bespoke data solutions per customer with Peliqan’s low-code Python scripts and magical SQL.


Use SQL on all your SaaS data

Combine data at scale

Combine CRM data with production data, eCommerce data, Excel files or any other source in order to build up custom reports, build 360° customer views, implement RevOps dashboards etc.

Visualise data & make it interactive

Turn financial data into charts and dashboards with a few clicks. Share dashboards with customers and push custom reports to Excel.

Build Charts from your SaaS data, databases and data warehouse
Low-code Python to use SaaS APIs

Build on top of your customer's data

Go beyond analytics, make data interactive, perform writebacks and apply machine learning with just a few lines of code.

Enjoy direct unified data access from your code. Write, test, run all in one place.

Ad hoc analysis

Analyze your data with SQL or in a spreadsheet.

Self-service access

Enable business users with controlled self-service data access.

Data verification

Create views for “human in the loop” processes.


Build custom reports in HTML, PDF…

Low-code data apps

Build internal apps using low-code Python to make datasets interactive.

Data front-ends

Replace complex user interfaces with a targeted UI for knowledge workers.


Implement data migrations using SQL and low-code Python.

All-in-one data stack

Peliqan is an all-in-one data stack on top of your SaaS apps and DBs.

Spreadsheet BI

Work with your data in a spreadsheet that is always up-to-date.


Create charts and visualize your data in dashboards.


Reconcile your invoicing data, product data, customer data etc.

Machine learning

Apply machine learning models on your data with low-code python.

Reverse ETL

Implement reverse ETL flows and writebacks to send data to any SaaS.

Direct data access

Get real-time access to your raw data.

Data warehouse

Get your data in a data warehouse instantly, with a few clicks.

SQL on anything

Use SQL on your raw data to view, share and transform data.

Manage your customer data at scale

Get the superpowers of a data engineer, start now !