For business teams

Become data driven

Business teams need to be data driven. Peliqan allows you to access data from any source instantly, and work with your data in a familiar spreadsheet-like environment. No need for complex data pipelines. No need to call the data engineering team. Get to insights quickly, share data and build data apps in minutes.

Self-service data for business "Ops" teams

Whether you are in Revenue Ops, Marketing Ops, Finance Ops or any other “Ops” team, you need instant access to data to follow up on processes, to do ad hoc analysis, to calculate metrics and to build internal apps to share data with stakeholders.

Also Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Finance Managers need to be data driven to thrive.

Peliqan is the only platform that helps Business Ops Teams to do all of the above in a self-service manner. No need to call the data engineering team, no complex ETL data pipelines !


Instant access to any source of data

Connect to any data source within your company with a few clicks and start exploring your data. You only need to request “read only” access and still you will be able to edit the data in your private virtual copy.


Easy as a spreadsheet

Explore and edit data in a rich spreadsheet editor. Add your own rows and columns with notes, new data and apply formulas similar to Excel or Google Sheets.

Full freedom thanks to private virtual data copies

Each connection to the source is read-only, to avoid any risk of data corruption. Still, every user can work with the data in a virtual copy that remains up to date with the source.

Working with formulas gives you superpowers

Work with formulas similar to spreadsheet formulas. Easily convert data into the right format, for example change a date format, clean up customer names and remove unwanted characters.

You can also use formulas to make calculations and even combine data from different tables.

Magically combine data from different sources

Peliqan allows you to easily combine data, even from different sources, using the visual “Join editor” and “Aggregation editor”.

Power users can write SQL queries to combine data from multiple sources. You can join data from disparate data sources and share the resulting table with other users.

Other teams can now consume your new virtual table in Peliqan’s rich spreadsheet editor, and they can work on the data in a new virtual copy that magically stays up to date with the underlying query and sources.

Need to combine data without a joined key ? No problem, Peliqan’s Magical Joins allow you to apply fuzzy matching in order to combine data sets that do not have a joined key.

Visualise your data

Turn your data into charts and dashboards with a few clicks. Share dashboards with others, publish them and embed them into webpages or documents.

Ready to get instant access to your company data ?

Get the superpowers of a data engineer, start now !