Watch a demo

Peliqan is an all-in-one data platform that centralizes your company data in your data warehouse or Peliqan’s built-in data warehouse.

2 minute overview

Get a quick tour of, the all-in-one data platform for business teams.

Customer case: Skindr

Customer case with ad-hoc analysis and enriching data in the spreadsheet UI.

Custom reports

Build custom reports with low-code Python.

Writeback to your ERP

Writeback data updates to a SaaS business application (reverse ETL).

Peliqan and Metabase

Connect Peliqan to Metabase or any other BI tool.

Peliqan and Power BI

Connect Peliqan to Microsoft Power BI or any other BI tool.

Data monitoring & Slack

Implement data quality checks and send alerts to Slack.

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