Data pipelines ETL/ELT

Peliqan builds up data pipelines under the hood with zero maintenance. Simply connect your sources and start working with your data.

Connect to any data source

Connect to any data source in a few clicks and start exploring your data.

Peliqan provides real-time and uniform access to any source thanks to its federated query engine.

Transform data

Easily transform data to make it ready for ad hoc analysis or downstream usage. Data can be wrangled, prepped, de-duped and cleaned and unified using 3 types of transformations:

SQL on anything & Magical joins

Power users can write SQL queries to combine data from multiple sources. You can join data from disparate data sources and share the resulting view with business users.

Business users consume the view in Peliqan’s rich data editing spreadsheet editor, and they can work on the data in a new virtual copy that magically stays up to date with the underlying query and sources.

Thanks to Peliqan’s “SQL on anything” approach, you can even access data from SaaS business applications in real-time by writing SELECT queries.

Need to combine data without a joined key ? No problem, Peliqan’s Magical Joins allow you to apply fuzzy matching in order to freely combine data sets.

Built-in data warehouse

Peliqan comes with a built-in data warehouse.

Sync data from SaaS business applications into your data warehouse with a few clicks.

Materialize tables, queries and views in your data warehouse to speed up queries and for downstream data sharing.

Easily connect existing BI tools and other platforms to your data warehouse.

Data lineage

Data lineage shows where data comes from and where it is used

Data lineage shows where data comes from (provenance) and where data is used in other queries, tables and low-code scripts.

Lineage is essential to find the cause of a data error, as well as to understand which changes will impact others.

Peliqan automatically detects table and column lineage across all data pipelines.

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