Google Sheets

Trend analysis using formulas

SQL query for Google Sheets

Get trend analysis using formulas.

SELECT date, value, (value – LAG(value, 1) OVER (ORDER BY date)) AS trend FROM table_name

Google Sheets data model

Data model coming soon !

Use SQL on all your SaaS data

Magical SQL for Google Sheets with

Explore data in a rich spreadsheet UI. Use Magical SQL to combine and transform data. SQL queries become new tables that can be shared with business users and used in any BI tool such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau or Metabase.

Let AI do the work for you

Peliqan’s AI assistant helps you to write SQL queries to get to insights fast. Ask your question in plain English and immediately see the result in Peliqan’s rich spreadsheet viewer.

Peliqan Ask AI willl write your SQL queries from plain English